Every winter it’s the same. I can buy the best boots around, but after 20 minutes outside, my kids complain that their feet are frozen and they want to go back in the house.

This is an old trick that I found on Facebook a while back and it works wonders for insulating boots and preventing cold feet.

It consists of placing a styrofoam pad in the boot, right under the liner to keep the cold from the ground from reaching the foot from underneath, the sole being the least insulated part of the boot.

I like to use the trays that come with meat when you buy chicken breasts or steaks at the groceries. You know, they tend to be white or black little trays, but don’t forget to wash them properly or they’ll stink up your boots like hell.

Place the liner on it, trace the outline and cut them with a utility knife, and you’ve got yourself a redneck winter sole for free.

Don’t forget to make two of them!

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